Task: Create a brand statement: Let’s make work-life balance more life-work balance. Seldon’s powerful tools work just as smart as they do hard to put your life in sync. Organize your tasks and predict what’s next, so your day is less work and more play. Life’s too short to worry—let the Seldon mobile app take care of the details.

In this project I worked directly with the founder and built a small freelance creative production team to get the vision realized. We storyboarded the shot list, while managing casting, wardrobe and location. Indigo sky handled production logistics.

The result:  The photo story contrasted scenes of outdoor adventure with sophisticated indoor workspaces. With this juxtaposition we showed the endless possibilities opened by streamlining your life with Seldon. The brand came alive through visual storytelling that took a numbers-oriented application and gave it life. Drawing from observations of a lifestyle that is authentically tech-world and adventure-set, the results inspire, yet remain credible.

Credits: Photographer Naoto Ono, Production Indigo Sky


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