Inspired by celebration and whimsy aesthetics, I created a seamless experience with hands-on design for brand, product & social.

Client: Paris312
Date: 2015
Services: Design, Art Direction, Branding

One of my favorite projects to date, Paris312 was a new startup that wanted to revolutionize the party planning business.  A new identity was needed to tell the story. Seeking a marriage of whimsy, chic, playful modern, the identity reflects the essence of what a good party is about and the elements that come together to create a lasting memory. Color and print sought energy, typography blended classic charm and carefree enthusiasm, while imagery give voice to a sense of relaxed joy and the brands spirit of bringing people together.

Paris312 was able to create a seamless brand experience right from day one, by blending design principles from the start. I worked directly with the founder in overlapping contracts in the span of 1.5 years to build a brand, a campaign, social experiences, packaging, product development, eCommerce website, mobile applications and more.

Logo Detail

Packaging Design & Hard Products

Being a direct to consumer brand, the packaging was important. Aiming for moment of surprise and delight, we contrasted dark shipping containers with bright confetti print product boxes. Flat bold colors were hidden underneath the tops, while fun French phrases like “La vie est belle” (life is beautiful), or “enchanté” (pleased to meet you) were added for pep and anticipation.

Left: Product & Brand Packaging Design | Photography: Lexi Cooper Shoot Styling: Claudia Dufour-Marquez  Shoot Art Direction: Andrea Cymberknop
Left: Confetti Popper Packaging Design | Photography: Lexi Cooper Shoot Styling: Claudia Dufour-Marquez  Shoot Art Direction: Andrea Cymberknop  | Right: Lettering Detail

Design Tool Kit

Brand design is only successful when its consistent. For that reason, I built a tool kit for their in-house team and production vendors to guarantee seamless execution over-time.

Digital Design

From flow diagrams to wireframes to UI design and image selection. I was responsible for the entire site from start to finish. This includes eCommerce product pages, shopping cart, blog, about pages, search & results, career section, legal pages and more.

‘End to end design’

Working remotely has its challenges, so in order to make the site successful, it meant that there should be no questions or open assumptions. We focused our time with detailed planning of the wireframes and components, while separately designing the UI visuals.

‘Mobile with’

Maintaining an app or a custom mobile site is labor intensive, so we planned a responsive design that is easily scalable from the desktop version. This allowed for a seamless mobile experience without the extra work and individual maintenance down the line.